Saturday, December 03, 2011

Akihabara Radio Kaikan

My favourite place in Akihabara - the original Radio Kaikan building - closed down this summer for renovations. While I'll admit that place was old, cramp and rather unsafe during an earthquake, it has a certain charm.

 Radio Kaikan building - Dec 2010
Radio Kaikan

When wife and I visited there again in Nov 2011. The original building has closed. The new building Radio Kaikan 1 has opened just beside it.

Map showing where the shops moved to.

The new building Radio Kaikan 1. Most shops from the original Radio Kaikan (thankfully including our favourite shops) have moved over here.

Our new favourite playground in Akihabara!

Volks used to occupy the 6th & 7th floor of the original building. They have moved to this 3-storey Radio Kaikan 3 a short walk down the road.

There is nothing much in Radio Kaikan 2 now. Mainly just audio and component shops that were in the original building. I'll review more on the shops in my next update!

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