Monday, April 09, 2012

Transformers: The Ride - Autobot Evac

This Evac character is created for Universal Studios Transformers: The Ride. As announced during Cybertron Con 2012 panel discussion, a Deluxe class version will be sold at Universal Studios Singapore in May 2012.

To whet our appetite, Hasbro has released a smaller Legion class version now.
Legion class Evac

Evac in bot mode. He looks good even in Legion class size. This series of Legion class comes with a weapon.
Evac bot mode

Evac 'supercar' mode. I like his alt mode! The weapon can also be mounted to pegholes in the car.
Evac supercar mode

According to his bio, Evac has "blistering speed and lightning-fast reflexes". Here we can see where he gets his speed from!
Evac supercar mode

Evac and his fellow Legion/Legend class Autobots responding to another emergency.
Legion/Legend Autobot cars

I'm glad I managed to find this toy in retail. Can't wait to also get the Deluxe class version when it is released. I haven't been to Universal Studios Singapore, even though it is in my country. This may finally give me a good reason to visit it... and of course to sit Transformers: The Ride!
Cybertron Con panel session

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