Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Preview: Pullip Harley Quinn

Continuing their series of DC characters, Groove will be releasing another one this month: the villainess Harley Quinn!

She will be a New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2012 exclusive and this is the first time Groove is having an NYCC exclusive doll. (The past DC dolls have been SDCC exclusives.) Is this a sign Groove is expanding their presence to more western culture comics and cartoons?


Her costume looks good and accurate, and that mallet has interesting play possibilities. I'm wondering how her ponytails will fit into her hood though!


And her face! Joker's girlfriend has a tinge of evil there; not too much that she can't fit in with your Pullip family. But you just know she's always up to something...

With the way things are going, maybe next year we will see a Pullip Poison Ivy and/or Isul Robin?
I'm gonna check my sources how to get her. Website says she is limited to 400 pieces only, so hope I can snag one!

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