Saturday, February 02, 2013

Review: MP-13 Masterpiece Soundwave

When Takara Tomy announced MP-13 in their Masterpiece line is gonna be Soundwave, there was excitement among the Transformers fandom. Finally, everyone's favourite Communications Commander is getting the Masterpiece treatment. After a long wait (well, those few months felt long) he is finally released!

The box contents, except the coin and 2 extra energon cubes which are separate. The coin is Asia exclusive, and the extra energon cubes are exclusive.
MP-13 Soundwave

"Cries and screams are music to my ears"
But Soundwave fans all know his more famous and uber cool line from the 1986 movie - "Soundwave superior!"
MP-13 Soundwave

Who remembers what a 'cassette tape' is? ;)
Masterpiece tape deck

MP-13 also includes one of Soundwave's loyal cassette minons - Laserbeak (Condor in Japanese).
MP-13 Soundwave and Laserbeak

"Laserbeak: eject!"
Question: Why does an advanced robotic being who can transform and even change its size, still need to press its own eject button??
"Laserbeak: eject!"

Laserbeak's feet have grooves to fit securely on Soundwave's shoulders and even arms. Kudos to Takara Tomy for adding those tabs for Laserbeak to rest on!

Cries and Screams...

MP Soundwave's transformation is rather straightforward, but MP Laserbeak's is pure genius! His jet pack is now self contained. Just wish his alt 'bird' mode is larger... 
Laserbeak comparison

Laserbeak bird farm??
Booster X10 (from the Real Gear series), Perfect Effect PE-03, G1 and MP
Bird farm

My four Soundwave tape decks... OK, so one is actually an MP3 player!
Soundwave tape decks

MP-13 Masterpiece, G1, Titanium and Music Label

Overall I am very happy with MP-13 Soundwave. He can pose very well and can recreate lots of G1 poses. Looking forward to his other cassette minions in MP-15 & -16.

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