Friday, January 10, 2014

Lego X-Wing MicroFighter

Lego just released the new Star Wars MicroFighters series. These are chibi (small) Star Wars vehicles with minifigures sitting outside them - too big to fully fit inside. And they are cute! I just bought my first set: Lego 75032 X-Wing Fighter

Lego 75032 X-Wing Fighter

This X-Wing is probably the best and most popular of the first wave. It comes with a generic Rebel pilot (with new helmet markings) and only the dome of an R2 astromech droid.
Lego 75032 X-Wing Fighter

Back of the box shows the 6 MicroFighter sets in the first wave.
Lego 75032 X-Wing Fighter

Wife reminded me I have the Toy Story polybag 30070 Alien Space Ship and it will look good next to this MicroFighter. So here they are - Star Wars vs Toy Story! What's more, both franchise belong to Disney now! LOL Star Wars vs Toy Story

At first I only wanted this X-Wing MicroFighter. Then I wanted the Millennium Falcon too. Now I think I want the whole set! LOL

Bonus pic: "I Have You Now!"
"I Have You Now!"


bluedrakon said...

I think this is so cool that they have this Super Deformed version of them. I can see the fun with getting several X Wings, tie fighter and the Millennium Falcon for a neat diorama.

Unknown said...

Yup, I'm planning to get some multiples even! :)

El Tofu said...

Just got the Chibi Star Destroyer. It's really cute.

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