Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review: LEGO 10220 Volkswagen Camper Van (part 2)

Continued from Part 1

My completed right-hand drive camper van! The iconic front is instantly recognizable. I'm not sure if the gas cap and exhaust are mirrored, or on the same side as the left-hand drive versions. Any experts can advise?
LEGO VW Camper Van - build pics

Opening doors with handles, safari windows and rising roof with cloth cover. Oh myyyy!!
LEGO VW Camper Van - build pics

Rear of the camper van showing the engine bay and interior. The surfing poster can be seen hanging on the interior wall. One minor complaint - the wing mirror could be better. Will definitely mod this soon.
LEGO VW Camper Van - build pics

The dashboard includes speedometer, odometer, handle for wiper or turn signal, and... I think that's a radio?
LEGO VW Camper Van - build pics

The curtain pieces add a nice touch to the windows.
LEGO VW Camper Van - build pics

Roof comes of to reveal the awesomely detailed interior. The wall-mounted lights and curtains lends a cosy feel. Even has a lava lamp!
LEGO VW Camper Van - build pics

Scale-wise, this is obviously too big for Lego minifigs. I say it is closest to 3 3/4-inch figures scale. Here my Nendoroid Hatsune Miku poses with it for size comparison.
LEGO VW Camper Van - build pics

- Nice display piece! Automobile lovers, especially VW fans, will like this.
- Vehicle details like the engine, driver panel, gearshift and pedals.

- Enjoyable build. Bright colour parts and very little repetition.
- Have I mentioned how awesome the interior is?

- As mentioned,
the wing mirror could have been better.
- Comes with stickers. Although not many, it'd be nice if they were printed on instead.
- Another nice feature to have would be steerable wheels.

This set is a good example of how simple Lego bricks can be used to create a realistic-looking model. Not only is it a nice display piece, the detailed interior also contributes to its play value. Highly recommended!

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