Saturday, February 18, 2012

Review: TFP Soundwave

The new Robots In Disguise series of Transformers Prime toys is just being released in mass retail. One of the most iconic Decepticon character - Soundwave - is in this series.
TF Prime Soundwave

TFP Soundwave's alt mode is an interesting one. It is an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). More specifically, it resembles the MQ-9 Reaper hunter-killer drone.
TF Prime Soundwave

IMO, Hasbro finally found an updated alt mode that is worthy of Soundwave. It is suited to his role as Communications Commander. He can patrol the skies while scanning for any electronic transmissions, can attack targets if necessary.
TF Prime Soundwave

Much as I like his alt mode, the bot mode takes more getting used to. What with those long arms and slender fingers, and the head that reminds me of Sauron.
Soundwave bot mode

Laserbeak can detach from Soundwave's chest to go on scouting missions for his master.
Soundwave & Laserbeak

One thing noticeably lacking from this figure is faction symbols in both alt and bot modes. Those in the photos above are Reprolabels applied by me. I just opened TFPRID Wheeljack and he doesn't have faction symbols too. Really strange for official toys.

Soundwave and Wheeljack my favourite from this series. Judging from forums I guess this is same for most fans as well!

TF Prime Wheeljack & Soundwave

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