Saturday, March 03, 2012

Review: TFP Wheeljack

Wheeljack only appeared in one episode of TF Prime season 1 (episode 8 "Con Job"). But his character proved popular enough to warrant a toy in the first wave of TF Prime Robots in Disguise.

The design of TF Prime Wheeljack is obviously based on the G1 version, with similar face and colour scheme.

TF Prime Wheeljack bot mode

However, character-wise there is no similarity at all! In that episode, TF Prime Wheeljack (Jackie, as Bulkhead calls him) is not portrayed as a 'mad scientist' inventor. Rather, he is a renowned warrior skilled in the art of sword fighting. In fact, his character is similar to Autobot Drift from the comics.
Autobot Swordsmen

In that episode, Wheeljack's alt mode was not shown. But it should be this toy's sports car mode. Really slick, like the G1 sports car. I like it! Hopefully we will see more of him and his alt mode in season 2.
TF Prime Wheeljack

Similar to TFPRID Soundwave (and I think all the other TFPRID toys), Wheeljack does not have faction symbols. Those in these photos are Reprolabels.

TF Prime Wheeljack

Lineup of my Wheeljack sports cars!

L-R: Superlink, TF Prime, G1, TF United
Wheeljack sports cars

Thus far I have only bought Wheeljack and Soundwave from this series. Waiting for clearance sales to get the other toys!
TF Prime Wheeljack & Soundwave

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