Monday, August 20, 2012

Review: Jet Vehicon

Readers might remember I got my shipment of Takara Vehicons from RK beginning of this month. Well, due to lots of distractions (ie. work) I haven't opened them... until now. We finally have some national holidays and I managed to take some photos of AM-16 Jet Vehicon during the break.

Jet Vehicon swopping down!

Takara Jet Vehicon comes with Arms Micron Igu. In my opinion, one of the better looking Arms weapons. Its alt mode is supposed to be an iguana, but I hust don't see it though LOL
AM-16 Jet Vehicon

Jet Vehicon has the same core mold and transformation as RID Vehicon. Obvious difference are the additional wings, and no wheels.
AM-16 Jet Vehicon

Jet Vehicon alt mode. It's not so much a plane as a flying car. The fuselage is obviously from the normal car Vehicon.
AM-16 Jet Vehicon
One gripe I have with the Takara Tomy versions of TF Prime toys is there are too many pegholes for attaching Arms Micons. Some is fine, but they tend to overkill.

The three deluxe Vehicon molds: Robots In Disguise (RID), Jet Vehicon, and First Edition (FE)
TF Prime Vehicons

Vehicons alt modes. They can almost pass off as Batmobiles and Batwing!
TF Prime Vehicons

Jet Vehicon in flight. I like the forward-swept wings. If only the fuselage was sleeker. But then I guess it wouldn't be called Vehi-con. ;)
Jet Vehicon in flight

So far I have only opened one each of the different Vehicons. Let's see when I have time to open the rest and have a Vehicon army photoshoot!

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