Sunday, April 29, 2012

TF Prime Knock Out and Vehicon

The latest TF Prime RID wave 3 has finally hit our local retail shelves. The new characters in this wave are Decepticons Knock Out and Vehicon, and Autobot Hot Shot. I wasn't keen on Hot Shot as he is a recolour of Bumblebee. Good thing I managed to get the two new molds Knock Out and Vehicon on the first day they were released here!

Decepticon cars

Decepticon as cars are not common. These two latest ones from TF Prime have really nice car modes.
Knock Out and Vehicon

Vehicon will undoubtedly be the most sought-after TF toy for the next few months at least. Not only is the toy great, fans will want to buy multiples to army-build. In this photo, it kinda looks like a Batmobile to me...
Decepticon Vehicon

While Knock Out's car mode is nice and sleek (resembles an Aston Martin), I'm a bit disappointment with his bot mode. His shoulder/chest area doesn't look like in the cartoon.
Knock Out

Vehicon, though, is awesome in both modes. What's more, HE HAS FACTION SYMBOLS which is strangely lacking in all other TFPRID Deluxe-class.


Knock Out and Vehicon. Knock Out just has to strike a pose for the camera!
Knock Out and Vehicon

One thing I noticed among the new TFPRID Deluxe-class cars like Knock Out, Vehicon and even Autobot Ratchet is that they are smaller in scale compared with the earlier cars like Bumblebee, Cliffjumper and Wheeljack. Maybe I'll touch more on this in another post.

Bonus pic of Knock Out and Vehicon trying to run a NY city cab off the road...

Road Rage!

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