Wednesday, November 07, 2012

More Sideswipes!

Posting more photos of my (all red!) Sideswipe collection. :)

Comparing my latest Sideswipe - Masterpiece MP-12 - with the two closest in size, Alternators and Classics. My first impression was What?! Masterpiece is smaller than an Alternator/Binaltech??

Car scale comparison

G1, Masterpiece MP-09, Alternators, Universe (OTFCC 2003 exclusive), Classics, and WST in front. Sideswipes!

Yup, no Movieverse Sideswipe for me!

Although Sideswipe is not a major character in the cartoons or comics, his toy is popular because, well, he transforms into a red Lambo! (Dodge Viper for the Alternator.) Which boy can resist a red sports car? :)

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