Tuesday, November 13, 2012

tokidoki x Pullip! Oh my!

I'm supposed to be posting a review and photos of my newest Pullip doll, but this latest doll news from Groove takes precedence. Wife and I like Pullips dolls and tokidoki apparels (and their characters too!) So what happens when Groove announce a tokidoki x Pullip crossover doll? We die-die must get!

Introducing... tokidoki collaboration Pullip Luna!

OK I admit I was appalled with the hearts on her cheek, but thankfully those are just stickers or decals that are applied on.

My wife has the same unicorn T as her (human-size of course!) so she already has a little bond with Luna, LOL! And that Donutella plushie! *hyperventilating*

This doll will come with tokidoki tattoos! I don't think they are printed on, but more likely they are decals. This will give doll owners the option to change her body, then apply the tattoos on that new body.

From Groove's website, this doll will be released on 19 December 2012. Wife and I will be holidaying in Tokyo then. Hope we can pick her up there!

Source and photo credits: http://groove.ws/news.groove.ws/?p=19117


Isabel Grillo said...

If you have more infos, like price, please share!! I am soooo excited ^^

Unknown said...

Sure, will do. I'm excited too!

Unknown said...

My review of tokidoki Pullip Luna is up!

xoCIGARS.com said...

Wow, very pleasent. I love Pullip Doll and just ordered this at PIJ for my younger sister.
Hope I will get this in a week and my sweet little sis also be very happy too have this cute one...

Unknown said...

Hope you can get her soon!

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