Saturday, January 12, 2013

More photos from Doll Carnival 2012

The Doll Carnival 2012 was held on 16 December, but Groove only start selling tokidoki Pullip Luna on 19 December onwards. Good thing wife and I were still in Tokyo, so on that morning we headed back to Matsuya Ginza to get her. Here are more photos from that day.

The new dolls that were sold only at Matsuya Ginza.

Pullips Rche and Pere Noel

Pullip Nanette featured on the cover of the new Hi! I'm Pullip book. The ukulele was not for sale though...

Some dolls that were on display.


The giant Pullip box where shoppers can pose inside and pretend to be a Pullip!

The tunnel from Ginza subway station to Matsuya Ginza has window displays of products sold in the mall. In conjunction with the Doll Carnival held there, Pere Noel dolls were part of the Christmas displays. Very beautiful!

We are looking forward to attend the next Doll Carnival!

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