Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Vintage Takara G1 Blitzwing

Happy New Year folks! To kickstart 2013 here is a photo review of the vintage Takara G1 Blitzwing I picked up during my last holiday in Tokyo.

I found this vintage Takara G1 Blitzwing in a display at Nakano Broadway. Wife knows how much I like G1 Blitzwing, so she bought it for me as Christmas present!

Vintage Takara Blitzwing

I took a sneak shot of it in the shelf... just before buying it!
Vintage Takara Blitzwing

The box contents. Completed with both weapons and 3 missiles. Instructions, catalog and inserts are minty. Even has the empty sticker sheet!
Vintage Takara Blitzwing

G1 Blitzwing is special for me as he was my very first Transformer. In 1985, while on holiday in Perth, I saw Transformers in a Target store. (They were not introduced in my country yet.) Begged my mum to buy for me Blitzwing because, well, he has 3 modes! I still have him today, but not in good condition.

My 'new' Takara Blitzwing with my original Hasbro one. I'm sure you can tell which is which!
Vintage G1 Blitzwings

My G1 Blitzwing collection, including Overcharge (Diaclone colours). Now left G1 Hasbro box to complete my collection.
My G1 Blitzwing collection

Do you remember which was your very first Transformer?

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