Sunday, November 20, 2011

Doll Carnival 2011 - new releases

Wife and I just attended the Groove Doll Carnival 2011 in Tokyo today. Here are some future releases that were on display.

Pullip Vocaloid Meiko - scheduled to be released March 2012

Alice du Jardin (Alice Garden) - another Alice series, this one featuring floral theme.
Hint: See the Doll Carnival banner above? The left doll is Isul Clock Rabbit and the right doll is Pullip Alice!

Beary Fairy series - dolls come with colourful bear outfits.

Snow White series - featuring characters from the story like Snow White (duh!), the queen, the prince... yes, even the 7 dwarfs!

Royal Wedding - featuring a Taeyang as Prince Willam and a Pullip as Kate in her gown. (unconfirmed release)

A new doll that looks a bit like Dal, but with different lips (less pouty) and sharper chin. May not be final version.

Also on display were prototype dolls and outfit sets by designer Mango Park. We particularly like the series with nautical theme. But all these are not confirmed to be released yet.

As usual, photos of the future releases were not allowed. But there were still lots of photo opportunities of custom dolls (these were allowed) and also shop booths displaying their wares. I will post these photos along with more updates from Doll Carnival 2011 later. In the meantime, here's how the showroom floor looked like.

Stay tuned for more!

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