Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Review: Pullip Miku Hatsune

My review from Open The Toy

I was excited when I saw vocaloids on display at Doll Carnival 2010 as an upcoming Pullip series. Finally the first, and probably most popular character, has been released - Hatsune Miku!

Here are the box contents:
- Hatsune Miku Pullip doll
- headphone with mic
- 2 leeks
- bio card
- stand

First impression after deboxing: her hair is so looooooong!! Too long, in fact, when compared to other figures of her. The hair also tangles easily and has lots of loose strands. Now I understand the effort my wife goes through to keep her dolls' hair neat and tidy...

Project Diva

Her clothes are an accurate replication of her vocaloid outfit. Some of the details are:

- digital hand warmers
- painted fingernails
- "01" tattoo on her left arm (not shown here)
- square hairclips
- headphone with mic

Warning! You have to be careful of that mic mouthpiece. Do not position it too close to her because you might accidentally rub it against her face. I rubbed it against her chin and it left a black mark! =( Fortunately my wife managed to remove it for me. Phew!


What is a Miku doll without leek? =D Pullip Miku comes with 2 leeks for her to
hit other dolls pose with. Unfortunately, she does not come with grabby hands, only the standard open-palm hands. I had to use blu-tack to stick the leeks onto her open hands.


Vocaloids are an exciting new line for Pullips. Rin & Len have also been released (both as Dal dolls). Other upcoming characters are Kaito, Luka & Meiko.

Unlike some other collaborations, I think vocaloid dolls can easily change clothes to fit into your doll family, and yet still look like their vocaloid characters.

Main concern with Miku is having to deal with her long hair. Changing wig is an option, but I have to make sure the colour is same (or at least very close) and able to tie her trademark ponytails, else she wouldn't be Hatsune Miku anymore! I'm actually contemplating bringing her to a hairdresser to cut her hair for me. Sure to receive a lot of weird looks!

Bonus photo of Pullip Miku with her petite Nendoroid

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