Friday, November 04, 2011

Review: LEGO 10152 / 10155 Maersk Container Ship

My review from S0937FG forum

My first LEGO review! And I choose this set which is a birthday gift from my wife.
(All photos are clickable and link to bigger version on my Flickr)

LEGO Set No. / Name
10152 / 10155 Maersk Container Ship
(Brief history: 10152 set came with MAERSK SEALAND stickers. In 2005 the company changed name, and the new 10155 set came with the new name MAERSK LINE stickers.)

Strangely, the box states my set is 10152, but the box photo and stickers inside are MAERSK LINE.

Where you got/bought it from
Maersk HQ, Copenhagen
(Wife's colleague was attached there.)

Offical Retail Price

No. of Minifigs

988 for 10152, 990 for 10155. Don't know what are the extra 2 pcs. Oh, and 5 sticker sheets!

Photos review!
Port (left) side view. Set comes with 30 general-purpose containers (grey) and 14 refrigerated containers (white, also known as 'reefers').

Starboard (right) side view. I like that the bow uses traditional Lego pieces rather then a specially-molded curved piece.

Bow (front) view, with the company's 7-pointed star logo (sticker).

Stern (rear) view. The ship's navigation lights are accurately represented - port (left) side red, starboard (right) side green.

The forecastle, or forward portion of the ship. The anchor and winch is probably the least accurate item in this set. Other small details like the bow light and stairs are a nice touch.

The ship's bridge, funnel, radars, antennas, navigation lights and masthead light.

The bridge wing accurately extends out pass the hull of the ship. Used to check the sides when docking or maneuvering in narrow waterways. Orange lifeboats for visibility. But only 2??

Below decks can store one more layer of containers. Nice use of the Lego part as stairs.

Full view of the superstructure's front.

Full view of the superstructure's rear. More good use of the 'stairs' part.

Maersk sister ships! As you can see, without stickers the ship is too plain.

- Awesome display piece! Highly recommended for nautical nuts.
- Many small details of an actual ship are accurately represented.
- Rare Maersk blue colour bricks.

- Little play value, as it is not minifig scale.
- Stickers hell! And yet, not enough stickers to cover all the containers.
- Although repetitive to build, more containers would be nice.
- Not available in retail and hard to find in specialty shops. Aftermarket price may be exorbitant.

I love ships. Although not 100% accurate and to-scale with an actual container vessel, this set is a close-enough model suitable for display.
To those who value minifigs, unfortunately this set has none. Therefore the high aftermarket price may not be worth it to them.

Until my next review... Fair Winds!

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