Monday, December 31, 2012

Photos from Doll Carnival 2012

My wife has uploaded the photos we took from Doll Carnival 2012 to her Flickr and you can view the full set here.  I will post some highlight photos below.

This photo is not of a doll! It is a life-size (well, about 140cm) Pullip Pere Noel at level 1 of Matsuya Ginza shopping mall. Lots of shoppers were taking photos with her.

Lots of Groove dolls on sale!

The event dolls: Pullips Pere Noel (Matsuya Ginza 2012 Christmas promotional model), Pullip Rche (Doll Carnival 2012 exclusive) and Taeyang Hide

This interesting section allows you to mix and match your own Pullip doll for ¥10,500. There is a choice of 3 different Pullips, and you can choose one item each from A to F.  In fact, you can get a full set of Regeneration Paja cheaper like this, just that you won't get the box and bio card.

The next Alice series dolls. Yes, Alice again, LOL!

One of the dealers booth selling doll clothes and accessories. There weren't as many dealers at the Carnival this year. Maybe it's because the venue is inside a shopping mall and no space for more dealers.

Go check out the full photo set for more photos!

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