Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review: tokidoki Pullip Luna

Wife and I were privileged to be holidaying into Tokyo when Pullip Luna was launched on 19 December at Groove's Doll Carnival. My wife is a huge tokidoki fan, so Luna is definitely a must-get doll for her!

Usually we don't bother to keep the doll boxes, but Luna's has cute tokidoki characters all over! We'll be keeping this one.

Even the box flap has pictures of Donutella!

Here are the box contents:
- Luna Pullip doll comes dressed in a Stellina Unicorno top and skull & crossbones patterned flair skirt
- tokidoki tie-dye top
- tokidoki Portrait bag
- tokidoki Adios beanie
- Pullip-size Donutella plushie
- tattoo sticker sheet
- bio card
- stand

The tattoo sticker sheet. We'll probably keep and not use it!

Following photos of Luna taken by my wife.



Pullip Luna will be sold in shops and online retailers from January 2013.  tokidoki had a collab doll with Barbie previously and that was sold out quick. So I can see Luna being sold out fast too!

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