Saturday, December 22, 2012

Doll Carnival 2012 - new releases

Wife and I attended the Groove Doll Carnival again this year, but this time it is different from previous years. Instead a one-day event on its own, this year the doll exhibition is on display for several weeks at Matsuya Ginza department store.

Groove had a lot of dolls on sale there, old and new, including the popular re-releases like Regeneration Pullip Paja, 10th anniversary Cinnamoroll Dal, and the Dal 6th anniversary Jouet. Some special dolls were also released at the event like Pullip Pere Noel (Matsuya Ginza 2012 Christmas promotional model), Pullip Rche (Doll Carnival 2012 exclusive), Taeyang Hide, Pullips Nanette, Princess Knight and tokidoki Luna.

The exhibition area showcases some future releases, and here are some of them.

White Night Cinderella series - featuring Pullip Cinderella as a servant girl, Pullip Cinderella in her ball gown, Taeyang Prince, Isul fairy godmother (no kidding!), Dal and Byul as Cinderella's stepsisters.

Monsters Night series - probably influenced by the characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Featuring a Pullip witch, Taeyang werewolf, Isul vampire, Byul little devil (her outfit has red horns, a tail and a trident). There is also a Dal, but not sure what kind of monster she is supposed to be.

Hime Deco collaboration - featuring Pullip Princess Rosalind, Dal Princess Pinky and Byul Princess Minty.

Classical Alice (another Alice series?!)  We saw on display two Pullips: the Queen and the Clock Rabbit. Personally we like the Pullip Clock Rabbit more because she has nice face up and the outfit is gorgeous and cute! But according to a Groove rep, there will probably be only one Pullip release and most likely it will be the Queen. Too bad... Other characters are Dal Alice (outfit is the original blue and white with some lace and gold trimmings, very nice), Isul Mad Hatter, and Taeyang King.

I will post photos soon, so stay tuned!
Edit: Photos are up!

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