Friday, July 05, 2013

Masterpiece MP-12T Tigertrack

When Masterpiece Lambor / Sideswipe was announced, every TF fan was certain the same mold would be used as all the various G1 recolours. Sure enough, MP-14 Alert was announced soon after.

The next recolour after that is yellow. Thankfully, it is not Sunstreaker, but Tigertrack instead.

MP-12T Tigertrack

Tigertrack was a yellow recolour of G1 Sideswipe and was released in 2003 as a Figure O magazine exclusive. 10 years later, Tigertrack is again a yellow recolour of Masterpiece Sideswipe, and also an exclusive (Tokyo Toy Show 2013) Tigertrack - Cybertron Sentry

Masterpiece Lamborghini Countach LP500S. Unlike Sideswipe and Alert, Tigertrack's Autobot logo is not painted on the hood. Instead, 2 stickers are included (see first photo)  I think I'll leave mine bare. Masterpiece Countach

The next recolour of this mold has already been announced - it will be recoloured into black as G2 Sideswipe. Wanna bet that Clamp Down and Deep Cover will be next?  ;)

Bonus pic: 4 generations of recolours!  G1, Classics/Henkei, Universe and Masterpiece 4 generations of recolours!

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