Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tansformers Generations Metroplex

Fans of huge Transformers base toys have lots to be excited about recently. First, Fortress Maximus - the biggest toy in G1 series - was reissued in TakaraTomy's Encore line late last year. Then in February 2013, Hasbro upped the ante when they showed off the new Titan-class Generations Metroplex!

Billed as the biggest Transformer toy ever (for now), Generations Metroplex stands taller than Fort Max. But its retail price is half that of the Encore Fort Max! With such attractive pricing, I can't resist and bought one. :D

Check out how tall the box is! MP-10 Masterpiece Prime looks so small...
Generations Metroplex

In-box packing and contents
Generations Metroplex

There are so many stickers that it requires a separate instruction sheet to apply them!
Metroplex stickers!

I will post more photos and review after I've applied the stickers and paint his face silver. Might consider some light panel-lining too.

In the meantime, Metroplex trying to figure out how to transform himself!
"How to transform..."

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