Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review: Toyworld TW-H02 Brainwave (part 1)

TW-H02 Brainwave is the second Headmaster released by Toyworld after TW-H01 Hardbone.  It is obviously homage to G1 Headmaster Brainstorm.
TW-H02 Brainwave

Brainwave alt mode. Looks good even without the 2 cannons mounted on the nose. Like this, it looks very similar to G1 Sixshot's plane mode, especially the nose section.
Brainwave alt mode

Lower angle view of the alt mode with the 2 cannons mounted and showing the landing skids, which can be retracted in flight. I love this little detail! Doesn't those engines and wings remind you of another famous starfighter from a galaxy far, far away?  ;)
Brainwave alt mode

G1 Brainstorm and Toyworld's Brainwave
Brainstorms alt mode

Toyworld Headmasters - Brainwave and Hardbone
Toyworld Headmasters

I'll be taking more photos and continue my review of Brainwave, especially the bot mode. So stay tuned!

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