Saturday, June 01, 2013

Review: Toyworld Hardbone

Photo review of TW-H01 Hardbone from 3rd-party company Toyworld. This is obviously homage to G1 Headmaster Hardhead.

TW-H01 Hardbone

After playing around with my Hardbone (that sounds so wrong LOL) I find myself liking it more. It just looks and feels better in-hand than in photos. I even prefer it over FP's Code/Chromedone.
3rd-party Headmasters

Tank / mobile artillery modeHardbone alt mode

The Headmaster fits snugly into the cockpit. Hardbone pilot

Following are series of Hardhead comparison photos.

Alt modes: Universe (with Headrobots Hothead accessories), G1 and Toyworld Hardbone
Hardhead alt modes

Hardhead Headmasters: Headrobots Hothead, G1 Duros and Toyworld Hardbone


Headswap between G1 and Hardbone. They can fit each other, but Hardbone's head tend to pop off G1's body because of the spring-loaded tech spec feature.
Hardhead swap

Another headswap: Hardbone with Headrobot's Hothead.
Hardbone with Hothead

Hardbone scales well with MP-10 and MP-12 while FP's Code is definitely too small; more to Deluxe scale. Masterpiece scale

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