Saturday, January 19, 2013

FansProject Warbot Assaulter: Carrier Mode

After reviewing Warbot Assaulter's bot and plane modes, I was supposed to touch on Assaulter's carrier mode but completely forgot! D'OH!

G1 Broadside is a triple-changer. Besides the bot and plane modes, his other mode is an aircraft carrier. Likewise, FP Assaulter also has a carrier mode.

Broadside carrier modes

Saturday, January 12, 2013

More photos from Doll Carnival 2012

The Doll Carnival 2012 was held on 16 December, but Groove only start selling tokidoki Pullip Luna on 19 December onwards. Good thing wife and I were still in Tokyo, so on that morning we headed back to Matsuya Ginza to get her. Here are more photos from that day.

The new dolls that were sold only at Matsuya Ginza.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Vintage Takara G1 Blitzwing

Happy New Year folks! To kickstart 2013 here is a photo review of the vintage Takara G1 Blitzwing I picked up during my last holiday in Tokyo.

I found this vintage Takara G1 Blitzwing in a display at Nakano Broadway. Wife knows how much I like G1 Blitzwing, so she bought it for me as Christmas present!

Vintage Takara Blitzwing

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