Toys that I collect

This page is for me to keep track of ALL the toys that I collect, because I like too many of them!

Toys that I still collect:
- Transformers (I may need a separate list of all the series!)
- Lego
- Pullip (mostly wife takes care of them ;p )
- Figma (depending on the character)
- Nendoroid (depending on the character)
Toys that I've slowed down
- Star Wars
- G.I. Joe
- Revoltech (depending on the character)
- Star Trek (starships only)
- 1:72 scale die-cast military planes

Toys that I've stopped (not buying new ones but still keep those I have)

- Macross
- Gundam
- Zoids
- Uglydolls
- 1:500 scale die-cast airliners

Toys that I dabble with (ie. buy only one or two... or five... )

- Chogokin
- Mega Blok (I'm NOT a Lego purist)
- Hot Toys (Just started because of Avengers. Might promote to 'Toys that I collect' soon >__<  )

Vintage toys

- Mobile Armored Strike Kommand (M.A.S.K.) 
- Gatchaman (Battle Of The Planets)
- Captain Power
- Mega Force
- Starcom

Toys I have stopped collecting altogether
- Erm...

Updated on 15 June 2012

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Brent Jet said...

Yeah Mega Block isn't that bad, they have some good kits.

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