I first got into photography because I wanted to take photos of my toys. I still remember my very first digital camera bought in 2000 - the Sony DSC-S70
This baby cost me SGD3399(!) back then. It is still working today.

In 2005 I got the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX9 and it still serves as my quickshot point & scoot, I mean shoot camera.

In 2006 I got my first DSLR - the Nikon D50. Upgraded after a year to the D80.

In 2008 I upgraded again to the Nikon D300 and this is my current camera.

D300 kit bought at a local IT Show
So there was this IT Show... 
Some of my lenses
My shooting gear

Proud to say my wife is also into photography, and she is also using Nikon - the D7000. The better to share my lenses with, I guess. ;)

Our shooting gear for holidays
Our photo gear for holiday!

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