Saturday, November 12, 2011

Predaking with CrazyDevy upgrade

I'd always wanted to get the CrazyDevy The King's Power Parts for my G1 Predaking. But everytime I see the total cost of all the parts, I back out.

Recently I happen to chance upon someone selling his used CrazyDevy parts on local eBay at good price. So I jumped at the chance to finally get them.

Here he is - PREDAKING upgraded with CrazyDevy The King's Power Parts
CDMW-10 Custom Head
CDMW-11 Custom Wings (with the PLUS+ wings)
CDMW-14 Custom Giant Sonic Sword
CDMW-18 Custom Cannons

I'll probably get one more part - the Custom Hands. Also hope they will come out with leg extensions to give the legs more poseability. 

Decepticon Combiners - G1 Predaking and Universe Bruticus
Decepticon Combiners
Thanks to 3rd-party companies CrazyDevy and FansProject respectively, they look so much better than the original.

So much badass-ness!
Predaking & Bruticus

In 2006, I took this photo of SOC Dancouga pwning Predaking. Notice his puny wings and sword!
Dancouga vs Predaking

Let's see how Predaking fares now with his upgraded parts!
Dancouga vs Predaking part 2

CrazyDevy website:

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