Wednesday, December 14, 2011

K-ON at Animate Ikebukuro

I visited Animate アニメイト at Ikebukuro yesterday, and they were having K-ON exhibition on the top (9th) floor.

Entrance to the exhibit

The band's guitars were on display!
L-R: Mio's bass Elizabeth, Yui's Les Paul Giita, Azusa's Fender Mustang Muttan and Sawako sensei's Death Devil Flying V

Close-ups of the guitar heads

To the left of the entrance is a stage area. Too bad they don't have Tsumugi's Korg keyboard. They were also playing a K-ON concert by the seiyūs (voice actors) on an LCD screen.

 To the right is an area selling K-ON  character goods. I didn't know about this exhibition actually. My purpose for going there is, coincidentally, to pick up this K-ON Azone doll for wife's (belated) birthday present! <3

"Happy Birthday Akane!"

They are having a promotion where every 1,000円 spent on K-ON goods will receive a circular foil card in green sleeve. I guess all this is in conjunction with the new movie that was just released.

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