Sunday, December 15, 2013

Toys loot - Tokyo December 2013

Wife and I went for our almost-annual pilgrimage (hee!) holiday to Tokyo. As usual, we took the chance to stock up on toys!

To start off, my Transformers loot!
Tokyo Transformers loot - Dec 2013

MP-18 Masterpiece Streak/Bluestreak
Fall of Cybertron TG-18 Skywarp
Fall of Cybertron TG-02 Jazz/Meister
Generations TG-25 Orion Pax & Megatronus
EZ Collection EG-03 Prowl
EZ Collection EG-10 Jet Vehicons
Kabaya wave 6 - Dai Atlas, Sonic Bomber, Road Fire, Big Powered
Kabaya wave 7 - Silverbolt, Motormaster, Onslaught

And here's my total loot! I bought more non-TF stuff than TF this time.
My Dec 2013 Tokyo loot!

And finally, photo of combined loot with my wife! Scary, isn't it? We had 3 check-in luggages, 2 hand-carry and also carried 2 paper bags on our return flight.

Do you spot anything you like in our loot?  ;)

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bluedrakon said...

I am mostly stocking up on Anime for my holidays. I did get some figures in and on pre-order from the AGP series (both Gundam and Infinite Stratos).

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