Monday, April 02, 2012

Review: Takara AM-06 Skywarp

The first wave of TakaraTomy Transformers Prime toys started to arrive in Singapore. The special feature of these versions compared to Hasbro's are:
1) They come with arms micron weapons (think of them as minicons)
2) Most markings are stickers instead of painted on.

I bought just one figure from this first wave - AM-06 Skywarp  The packaging of the Takara Deluxe class figures is in boxes, similar to the previous Superlink series. I like the boxart and design, but wish they include a window to see the toy inside.

Takara AM-06 Skywarp

Takara AM-06 Skywarp

The packaging inside the box.
Takara AM-06 packaging

The Skywarp figure, the arms micron assembly kit, and instructions and stickers for both of them.
Takara AM-06 contents

Skywarp in his alt plane (F-16?) mode, without stickers applied. As usual, he is a repaint of TFP Starscream. Notable difference is he has 2 underwing 'fuel tanks' for attaching arms microns. These does not seem to be removable and I'm not inclined to use force to try!
Takara Prime Skywarp

Skywarp bot mode, without stickers. He still looks OK without them. The Autobot figures look really plain without stickers.
Takara Prime Skywarp

Skywarp bot mode, with stickers applied. The stickers are generally OK, but the faction logo at his chest is on curved surfaces, and a pain to keep on.
Takara Prime Skywarp

I have not fixed up the arms micron. I'm not a fan of this microns/minicons concept. Unfortunately, Skywarp does not come with Starscream's arm missiles.

Out of the first wave, I'm only interested in Skywarp because the others are already available as (cheaper) Hasbro versions. I also think the painted-on details of the Hasbros look better than stickers.This is just my personal preference.

Decepticon flyers Skywarp and Soundwave. For some reason, I have not gotten Starscream and Megatron yet!

Decepticon flyers

Bonus pic: Skywarp 'warping' into battle!


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