Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review: Fall Of Cybertron Optimus Prime

After having reviewed Fall of Cybertron Jazz and Shockwave, here's the final figure of the first wave: Autobot leader Optimus Prime!

"Angel, angel, what have I 

Well, actually this toy is not mine. I've mentioned in the previous two reviews I find this Optimus too small for Deluxe class; can't justify buying it especially with Hasbro also increasing the price. Thanks to my friend Kelvin who lent his to me for this photoshoot and review.

After playing around with him, he is actually a fun toy and quite poseable.  If the head and torso were larger he'll be much better.
Fall of Cybertron Optimus 

FOC Optimus in Cybertronian truck mode. I've always liked all the Optimus truck modes, even this one. But feel it will be nicer if it is longer.

Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime

I like the head-on view of the alt mode. Well, except for the two gaps next to the front grille. Hmm, that ion cannon looks more like a fire hose than a weapon...

Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime

This photo shows the length of the truck is just too short. Not proportionate compared to the width.

Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime

OK, I'll admit it's not such a bad Optimus Prime toy. But I still say it doesn't justify the Deluxe class price tag. I might get one for myself if it sells at clearance price, or if Takara Tomy release its version with metallic red colour.

Update: Click to see my post comparing the Cybertronian Optimus Prime toys!

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