Sunday, July 01, 2012

Review: Fall Of Cybertron Jazz

The first wave of Fall of Cybertron toys started to hit our local shelves. Shockwave was wiped clean, and I find Optimus too small. So I only picked up Jazz. From all the Jazzes I saw, most of them had the Autobot logo tilted or off-centre. I only managed to find one that is somewhat straight and centre.

FOC Jazz bot mode, as usual wearing 'shades'. "Do it with style or don't bother doing it."
Fall Of Cybertron Jazz

From the back view, he looks kinda top-heavy.
FOC Jazz - back view

"Why can't I cross this river?" 
If you've watched the Fall Of Cybertron game trailer you'll know this scene.
Why can't I cross this river?

FOC Jazz in his Cybertronian car mode. Jazz's alt mode always looks sporty and fast!
Jazz Cybertronian car

Jazz Cybertronian car

Unfortunately, the rear does not hide his hands/fists.
Jazz Cybertronian car

I've been looking forward to this new Fall of Cybertron series for the Cybertronian alt modes of popular Transformer characters. FOC Jazz doesn't disappoint, although size-wise he seems slightly smaller than previous Deluxe scale.

Still not too bad; FOC Optimus Prime is the worst, IMO. Seems like Hasbro is charging us more for smaller toys, continuing a disturbing trend from the Transformers Prime series.

My Jazz/Meister collection as of 2012. All white with racing stripes!
Jazz/Meister collection 2012
(Actually I also have Human Alliance Jazz but didn't include here as its colour doesn't match.)

I'll be getting FOC Shockwave too, but maybe I'll wait to see if Takara's version will have shiny paint like their United versions of Generations.


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