Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Asia Exclusive Sixshot (2012)

My latest Transformer acquisition: Takara Tomy Asia Exclusive Sixshot - metallic colour redeco with exclusive coin. I already have the reissue Sixshot from 2002 actually. Decided to also get this 2012 reissue because of the chrome metallic colour.  :)

Decepticon S.T.A.G. (Solo Transformer Assault Group) aka SIXSHOT
Takara Sixshots

The box packaging of this reissue is also different from the G1 vintage and 2002 reissue. The bookstyle box has a premium look for the front. The rear of the box has the same boxart as the vintage.Sixshot boxarts (rear)

Compare the 2002 version (same as vintage G1) with the 2012 version with chrome metallic paintjob. Unlike the vintage and 2002 reissue which were packaged in spaceship mode, this version is packaged in bot mode.
Decepticon S.T.A.G. 

Stickers have also been pre-applied. If you're fussy, and if the shop allows, you can open the cover to check through the window if the stickers have been aligned correctly.

If you missed out on getting the previous reissue, this is a good chance to get it now. Not only is Sixshot the first Transformer six changer, he also has an unofficial seventh flying winged wolf(?) mode. So with all the different modes to play with, you really get value for your money! ;)

Are you gonna get this Sixshot too?

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