Friday, August 24, 2012

Custom Revoltech G1 Jetfire

I did this custom back in 2009 (before starting this blog!) when I was very into Revoltechs. They had just came out with the Marcross Valkyries, and I knew I wanted to custom one into G1 Jetfire.

Revoltech G1 Jetfire (custom repaint)

During a trip to Japan, I went to their TRU and found they were clearing Revoltechs cheap... and a VF-1J was among them! So I bought it and started my Project Jetfire. I only used parts from this extra VF-1J, but for the head I had to take from VF-1S. Revoltech WIP

Good thing I have an original G1 Jetfire to use as reference. ;)
G1 Jetfires

Rite of the Autobrand - Jetfire being welcomed by Prime into the (Revoltech) Autobot family.
Rite of the Autobrand

Revoltech Jetfire fits nicely into my (red & white only) Jetfire family. Well, except that he can't transform...
Jetfire family 2009
Back: G1 Jetfire, Classics Jetfire
Middle: Titanium Jetfire, Robots In Disguise Storm Jet
Front: Robot Masters R-Blade, my custom Revoltech Jetfire, Legends of Cybertron Jetfire

Revoltech came out with a transformable Valkyrie later that can transform between the 3 modes: Fighter, Gerwalk and Battroid. I didn't get it, and reviews have not been good, saying it falls apart easily in any mode. If I find one cheap I might get it to customize into another Jetfire!

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