Friday, November 16, 2012

Review: Pullip Harley Quinn

When I first saw the preview pics of Pullip Harley Quinn, I knew I wanted her. But the fact that she's a comic con exclusive, and limited to only 400 pieces (according to Groove's website) I didn't dare to habour much hope. Thankfully I managed to get her!

Pullip Harley Quinn

She comes in a simple, narrower box than the normal release dolls. I think this year's comic con exclusive dolls come in this size box.
Pullip Harley Quinn

A tight squeeze, but Groove manage to fit everything in.
Pullip Harley Quinn

Here are the box contents:
- Harley Quinn Pullip doll
- harlequin jester hood

- eye mask
- 2 gloves
- giant mallet
- bio card
- stand

Pullip Harley Quinn

Pullip Harley Quinn

Pulling up her long sleeves reveal that her arms are wrapped in plastic, to prevent her outfit from leaving stains. I think her whole body is similarly wrapped.
Pullip Harley Quinn

Her twp ponytails are stiffen, to make it easier to fit them into the tails of the jester hood.
Pullip Harley Quinn

With her weapon of choice: a giant mallet!
Pullip Harley Quinn

One major frustration when dressing her is putting on the hood. Her ponytails are hard to fit into the tails of the hood, and stray hair always poke out from her fringe. Big thanks to my wife for the idea of using cotton bud to stuff the stray hair back in!

Although she looks awesome in this suit, I will remove her mask and hood when I keep or display her. Don't wanna risk staining her face-up.

Bonus photo of Pullip Harley Quinn with my MOC Kenner Harley Quinn figure from 1997! Even back then I already like this character. No sure why...
Harley Quinns

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