Monday, December 10, 2012

Review: FansProject Warbot Assaulter

FansProject has to be credited with pioneering the whole Transformers third-party market and spawned a bunch of other such companies. Their latest release is yet another masterpiece - WB-003 Warbot Assaulter

Warbot Assaulter

When you first hold it in box, you will notice straightaway how heavy it is!  Probably because of its bulk and amount of die-cast. Warbot Assaulter is one of the rare new toy to still contain die-cast content.
Warbot Assaulter

Assaulter is the third member of FansProject's Warbot line. It is obviously based on G1 Broadside, but with many, many improvements over the G1 toy.

Autobot Broadsides

Same as Warbot Defender, Assaulter is based on a G1 Autobot triple-changer character. I like how Assaulter (Broadside) is significantly bigger than Defender (Springer). Comic accurate.
Warbots Assaulter and Defender

Broadside plane modes. IMO, G1 Broadside's plane is his weakest mode. But FP Assaulter's plane is my favourite!
Broadside plane modes

I feel FansProject took a lot of inspiration from Macross when designing Assaulter. Here's a comparison with a VF-1 Valkyrie. (Yes, that is actually G1 Jetfire!)

Valkyrie and Assaulter

I'll touch on Assaulter's carrier mode in another post. In the meantime, here's my favourite photo of Assaulter flying at the edge of space!

Assaulter in flight

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