Wednesday, May 23, 2012

TF Prime cars - size compare

If you have been collecting the latest Transformers Prime toys, you will notice that the size and scale of the Deluxe-class car figures have been shrinking with the newer waves.

Below is a comparison photo of the TF Prime Deluxe-class cars I have. From Bumblebee (First Edition), Wheeljack (RID wave 1), followed by Ratchet (wave 2) and finally Knock Out and Vehicon (wave 3). Yes I'm missing Cliffjumper. Somehow not keen to get him...

TF Prime cars - size compare

First Edition Bumblebee and wave 1 Wheeljack are same size, and they are comparable to previous series like Generations/United/Henkei. Wave 3 Knock Out and Vehicon is noticeably smaller than them, and I'd say is same scale as G1. Ratchet, being an ambulance, should be bigger than the four cars but is actually the smallest of all.
TF Prime cars - size compare

In fact, Ratchet is
more to scale with Scout-class. Here is a comparison shot with Reveal The Shield Windcharger.
TFP Ratchet and RTS Windcharger

So is Hasbro reducing the Deluxe-class size to save on materials cost? Should we expect the later waves to also shrink in size?

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