Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cyberverse Ultra Magnus

I just got this Cyberverse Commander class Ultra Magnus (at 20% discount!) It is a nice little figure with decent articulation for its size. But it's the alt mode that made me want to buy it.

Ultra Magnus car carrier

G1 Ultra Magnus transforms into a car carrier. This Magnus can also carry one car. Although the presence of a peg hole indicates this alt mode is supposed to be a trailer truck, to me it can also pass off as a flatbed truck.
Ultra Magnus flatbed truck

This Commander class scale goes very well with Legion class cars. With Universal Studios Evac, their colours even match each other, so they could be partners!
Ultra Magnus and Evac

As mentioned, this Ultra Magnus bot mode has
decent articulation. Although the head doesn't turn which is a bummer for me, but guess can't expect too much from this small scale. In below photo, I forgot to turn down the hammer head, so it looks like he's holding a club instead! -__-
Cyberverse Ultra Magnus

This figure is under the Transformers Prime series, so will he make an appearance in the cartoon soon? Like the Animated version, I'm glad this Ultra Magnus is not simply a white repaint of Optimus Prime.


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