Monday, June 11, 2012

Regeneration Pullip Paja

Groove's announcement of the latest Regeneration Pullip is a wonderful surprise. It is Pullip Paja! A bigger surprise? She is slated to be released in June 2012... which is THIS MONTH! 
Dunno how Groove managed to keep this news under wraps until now.

This doll was released way back in 2005 (when Pullips were still under Jun Planning). She is popular mainly because she comes with an uber-cute dinosaur suit. Other accessories include a cresent-shape pillow, a picture book and a mug.

The original Paja is very rare now and will fetch a high price on the secondary market... if you can find her in the first place. So this Regeneration must be good news to many!

My wife already has the original Paja (she named her Aiko) so won't be getting this Regeneration. Since she has a dinosaur suit, it's only natural she likes my Transformer Grimlock!
Grimlock Fangirl

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(Except the last photo, which is mine.)

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