Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review: Transformers KRE-O Megatron bot mode

My review from Open The Toy

After Kre-O Mirage, I bought a second Kre-O - MEGATRON! - and counldn't wait to fix him up.

Transformers KRE-O Megatron

Why did I choose to get Kre-O Megatron?
1) The tractor unit alt mode looks good, and can fit into my collection as a Lego vehicle.
2) Megatron bot mode looks reasonably well, with articulation and hands! (OK, more like claws.)
3) Megatron and Shockwave Kreons.
4) Hey, it's MEGATRON!!

In bot mode, Kre-O Megatron is actually quite articulated! Head, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee & ankle are ball-joints. Wrists & fingers/claws can also move.
Transformers KRE-O Megatron

Head details. The oil drums should be easy to mod into shoulder-mounted weapons. Will probably remove the steering wheel, though.

KRE-O Megatron head details

Kre-O Megatron comes with 4 Kreons.

Megatron Kreons

Megatron looks the best! Love his arm-mounted fusion cannon. Shockwave is nice too, but his ray gun hand is too big. And it should be transparent red instead. As usual, the 2 human Kreons are just extras.

KRE-O and Masterpiece Megatron

KRE-O and Masterpiece Megatron

KRE-O Megatron is actually taller than most of my Transformer toys, but next to Masterpiece he looks scrawny!

Review of Megatron's tractor unit alt mode coming soon!

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