Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TFC Hercules

The last 2 components for TFC Hercules - Neck Breaker (Bonecrusher) and Mad Blender (Mixmaster) - were released just before Lunar New Year. I'm glad to have gotten them and to finally assemble Hercules aka Devastator!

"Prepare for... DEVASTATION!"
"Prepare for... DEVASTATION!"

Group shot with three Decepticon combiners, all enhanced by 3rd-party companies. In fact, Devastator is completely made by a 3rd-party company!
Decepticons combiners

Devastator vs Dinobots
I waited a long time to finally recreate this scene from the '86 movie!
Devastator vs Dinobots

So is TFC Hercules worth it? Each component bot is equivalent to Voyager class, but cost almost 3 times more. I'll also probably spend a bit more on Reprolabels to enhance this big boy further. Still, I have no regrets about getting this. You just have to assemble them up to form Devastator to see why he commands such high price.

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