Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review: Transformers KRE-O Megatron truck mode

As mentioned in my review of the bot mode, I had to disassemble the Megatron bot mode before fixing up his alt mode. I must say, I'm glad the parts are compatible with Lego's Brick Separator. Really saved my fingernails!

Here is Megatron in his tractor unit alt mode! Similar to his DOTM alt mode.I didn't include the front spikes on the crash bar because I like this better, looks more 'realistic'.

KRE-O Megatron tractor unit 

Although it looks larger scale than standard Lego City vehicles, the cabin fits two Lego minifigs nicely.
KRE-O Megatron tractor unit

Details of the rear. The mudflaps are cool! I added a Reprolabel Decepticon logo to the license plate.

KRE-O Megatron - rear details

My current two Transformers Kre-Os - Megatron and Mirage - on Lego roadplates.

KRE-O Megatron & Mirage


After having built Megatron (twice!) and Mirage, I have to say the build experience is very close to Lego. (I haven't built any from the Mega Bloks and other China brands, but I heard they were way behind Lego.) I've already interchanged a few Kre-O & Lego parts, no issues in fitting and removing them.

One thing bad about the Megatron set: the colour variety of the bricks is quite dull. Mainly black, dark grey and light grey.

Bonus pic:
I left my setup for awhile and look who sneaked into the light tent?? (>__<) What the... Cat?!

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