Thursday, January 05, 2012

Review: Transformers KRE-O Mirage

My review from Open The Toy

Curiosity got the better of me. I bought one Transformers Kre-O set just to see how it is and compare it with the other "leading brand" aka Lego. I chose to get Autobot Mirage because it is the cheapest set (hee!), and it looks the most compatible with Lego City cars.

Contents of the Autobot Mirage Kre-O set. As can be seen on the box label, all the parts "works with leading brands". The 2 Kreons minifigs are packed separately. Argh, sticker sheet! :(

Transformers KRE-O Mirage

The instruction guide is thick because it has 2 sets of instructions - 1 for alt mode, 1 for bot mode. One important point to mention - and this is also printed on the box - Kre-O sets DO NOT TRANSFORM! You have to disassemble the parts to built the other mode.

The completed race car mode. It's bigger than I thought. But I think the Kreon minifig still looks too big to fit into the cockpit. The tyres are rubber material, which makes it easy to roll across the floor!

Transformers KRE-O Mirage

After fixing up this alt mode, there are many parts left over that are for the bot mode. Minus points for this! Also, the Autobot symbol sticker does not stick well to the curved surface. I am using a Reprolabel sticker here instead.

Comparison pic with Classics/Henkei Mirage. The Kre-O is just slightly bigger.

KRE-O and Classics Mirage

Photo of the 2 Kreon minifigs that come with this set. They are more articulated than Lego minifigs. Arms & legs are ball-joint, and can even twist at the waist! The hands and head are standard Lego size, so can use Lego accessories and headgears.

Mirage Kreons

Obviously the TF Kreons will be the most sought-after. Mirage's 'helmet' reminds me of those worn by Viper pilots in the original Battlestar Galatica. I don't fancy the human Kreon. Especially the arms, it fits a TF, but looks weird as a human.

Lego interchangeability. The human Kreon wearing a minifig hairpiece and Mirage being driven by Lego's best driver... waitaminute...

Lego interchangeability

I have not fixed up the bot mode yet, as I would have to disassemble the race car and start from scratch.

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